We have been in business for over 40 years and specialize in decals and dry transfers as well as higher quality models and detail parts.

Besides our internet presence, we attend numerous train shows each year around Southern Ontario.   Check the list in the upper right for upcoming shows.  We bring all of our stock to the shows - so anything you find on the website can be picked up at the train shows.  If you want something held for you to pick up at one of the shows - please email me - sales@tmrdistributing.com.  Also note that special pricing online may be different than the specials we offer at the shows.  We will honour online prices at the shows if you bring us a copy of the product page showing the online price.

The quickest way to find items is to use the search box at the top of the page to quickly locate items. You can enter stock numbers or key words to find items and you can also select a specific category to search in.  You can also search using the MANUFACTUER list on the right.  

The decline in the value of the Canadian dollar will result in higher prices on new stock.  The current rate is around 30-35%.  Any replacement stock will be at a higher price than it was last year.  US customers may save 20-30% due to the exchange rate.

Adding items to you shopping cart DOES NOT hold these items for you.  Until you actually checkout and pay - anyone else can purchase these items.  Due to the nature of the hobby business these days - many items cannot be restocked once sold out.

NOTE:  99.9% of the items listed as being in stock on this site are actually in stock - however - the .1% are items that are listed as being in stock - but have been stolen or misplaced at train shows.  One or two items seem to disappear at every show and unfortunately in most cases, I do not know the item has been gone missing until someone orders the item and I am unable to locate it.  In the event that an item you have ordered has disappeared - I will advise you.  If an alternate product is available - I may be able to substitute the item.  This is a very frustrating issue - but it seems that common items like wheelsets, small parts, decals and Kadee couplers are the most common items to disappear at the shows.



Thanks, Terry

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