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General Sales Terms

All items are NEW and in unused condition unless otherwise stated in the product listing.  Since I travel to numerous train shows per year, packaging can and will get worn and therefore, the item you receive may be in a package that has scuffs, bends, tears or other minor damage, but the contents will still be in new condition.  Please note that we do from time to time buy decals and parts from other dealers as well as estates and therefore - packages may have other dealer stamps or price tags on them.  Again, these are still new and unused unless otherwise stated in the product listing.   Items with seriously damaged boxes or other damage will be noted in the product listing - these items are generally available at reduced prices.  Some detail parts we currently have in stock are in very old packaging as we have bought some estates and stock from closed hobby shops.  These items are still new in the package.

In most cases, all items listed on the website are in stock and the quantities are accurate.  When we are away at a train show, items sold at the show will not have the website quantities/stock availability updated until after the show and we have time to update them.  To prevent issues with items being sold online and at the train shows at the same time - we now close the website online ordering.  You can still view all items and check prices and how many are in stock PRIOR to the train show.

One issue beyond my control is items being stolen at the train shows.  Items DO disppear at the shows, though in the a few cases - items are simply moved to the wrong location in our parts trays and may be found later on.  I have no way of knowing until either I do inventory from time to time or when I have to search for the item to fill your order.  If the item cannot be found, the amount of the missing item(s) will be refunded or your order cancelled at your discretion.  I will provide approximate delivery time to replace the out of stock items if they can be obtained from suppliers, so we can place your order on hold until replacements can be obtained if need be.  

If you have issues with a product you purchased from me - please contact me FIRST before sending anything back.  Some manufacturers ( InterMountain, Rapido for example )  require that you the customer contact them for any warranty issues with their product and do not return defective product to us.

Most images used on this site are from the manufactuers own catalogue or website and belong the property of their respective owners.  They may not accurately represent the actual product, but provide a general overview of the product.  In cases of rolling stock - the images may contain models with different roadnumbers than the items in stock, but reflect the product being offered.

Sale prices online and sale prices at train shows may not be the same as I sometimes run different specials.  Base product prices ARE the same both online and at the train shows.  If there is something you see on this website that you would like to pick up at a train show - please email me  I will hold the item for you to pick up.  In the case the item is on sale online - you will be charged the sale price at the show. 

Customers outside Canada are responsible for any customs duties, taxes or any other charges that their Government may impose on the importation of their order.  Canadian residents will be charged the appropriate GST/HST as required by law.

All access to the website is via HTTPS.  None of your personal information is shared with anyone else.  Full credit card data IS NOT stored in our database.  When you submit credit card information - part of your information is sent via email and part of the information is stored in our database.  This makes it impossible for someone to access your card information, even if they manage to hack into the site database.  Once we have access to the two parts of your card information - we then process your card manually using our POS terminal.  Please note that your browser must accept cookies in order to process your order.

Your personal information is not sold or given to anyone else.  You will receive emails during the processing of your order.  Once your order has been packaged and shipped, there will be not further emails, except in cases of an issue with your order or you have requested to be notified when an item is back in stock or in reply to a question you have.  We currently do not have a newsletter and therefore there will be no emailed notices from us.

Please note that I do have a full time Monday to Friday job - so order processing and email replies may not occur during the day Monday to Friday.  I will respond as soon as I am able to do so.


General Information